Information availability of using hair extension

Information availability of using hair extension

Regarding hair extensions, we are still quite scared of the lack of objective and trustworthy information circulating on the internet. One reason for the existence of this website was specifically to fill this obvious lack of information about extensions.

Do the extensions prevent hair re-growth?

Extensions face a centimeter away from the root. The attachment point is not in contact with the scalp and does not modify in any way the hair bulb. The hair thus continues to grow as before.

Do extensions break hair? Information and misinformation

Never ever forget that the hair extensions are not a luxury because the time it requires to attain them, it also requires same amount of time to remove them. Lot of females has typically damaged hair due to extensions. But the extensions are not included; it’s always because of hair stylists who botch their work. Undoubtedly, remove extensions is not funny spot which bothers a lot of hair stylists. Often some elimination might use up to 3 hours even with two hairdressers! At specialist salons they take the time it takes to remove the extensions.

Do you need to go on a monthly basis to the hairdresser to preserve its extensions in good shape?

Lot of hairdresser imposes a monthly check to inspect and maintain extensions. It’s terrific no matter what!

Do the hair of dead people are utilized to make extensions?

Hair extensions are either natural hair cut from living people or non-natural hair artificial structure.

There are completely invisible extensions that you cannot see and that you never ever feel the touch. The larger it is, the more it happens!

The extension clip, cold does not damage the hair while hot extensions with keratin are really bad for your hair.

In terms of hair extensions, successful extensions take a long time. From this truism when the hair stylist botches his work and the outcome is always the exact same: carnage hair. That makes for over 10 years we ask hot extensions without problems. It would be totally masochistic to utilize for so long an approach that is bad!

Is it hard to discover curly natural hair extensions?

Natural hair extensions come from India (95%). The Indian hair is a hair that is stiff and a little wavy. For curly extensions it is necessary, so that you can have the perm. At last, there is only one brand name that provides curly extensions: Hair dreams.

Hairstylists, who claim to offer curly extensions to curly hair, go to the salon on the day of installation and blow dry your hair and ask for stiff extensions while asserting that when you clean your hair it will be wonderfully finished and totally merge with your hair.

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