Does hair extension cause loss of hair?

Does hair extension cause loss of hair?

Increasingly women are losing their hair. Stress, iron deficiency-are designated as the primary perpetrators. But hair extension can also trigger alopecia.

Loss of hair: the main perpetrators

In the last few years, the number of youths who lose their hair has increased significantly. A number of factors are thought to have contributed in this situation, such as stress in your home, at school, anxiety, depression. Poor diet and absence of workout can likewise trigger significant hair loss. Some specialists even suggest a hereditary description. Loss of hair is extremely resented by those who suffer, specifically women. The hair is undoubtedly perceived as a beauty requirement. And for some the hair growing is not constantly the case. There is no miracle cure.

Barry Stevens, a British expert in hair pertains to highlight the link in between hair problems and hair extension. The British Journal of Dermatology likewise goes in this direction.

Hair extension: lawsuits and dangers

Hair salons provide hair extension at a very good rate, while a few of these spaces have no credentials in this field. And while the need for hair extension boosts, claims submitted by females whose hair has actually been damaged due to these extensions are increasing.

Hair expert Barry Stevens searched for years and one hundred female scalps were found practicing 3 kinds of extension. Either extensions are glued, stitched or they are secured with a metal ring. The expert discusses that the hair extension offers heaviness to natural hair as if pulling them. Additionally, these extended hairs do not soak up water quickly and tends to confuse. It likewise, cautions that the quality of the hair is added to take into consideration. A poor quality hair included will tend to cause issues during the comb or brush styling. And in the worst cases, these lengthened hairs will pull the natural hair, carrying a piece of the scalp. You do not want that since it hampers the hair.

Who said to be lovely, we had to suffer?

Females who have had a hair extension frequently complain of severe headaches and problem in going to sleep, problems due to the mass of the brand-new hair that is unpleasant. But these evils are the tiniest. Barry Stevens keeps in mind that some of them had considerable hair loss or the appearance of the bald scalp plates on their head or alopecia. And as mentioned the expert, alopecia can often be permanent. Additionally, when the scalp is damaged, consult a skin specialist.

Tip: If you dream of long hair for special days or events, please contact an expert. A specialist knows techniques and products that need to be utilized to implement the extension of the hair. And follow a specialist to keep track of the health of the hair. So if it encourages you to pause, then listen. Listen to your hair and make the right decision.