Details of Hair Extension

Details of Hair Extension

Always imagined a gorgeous mane like Shakira? And this summer season, although you want to try extensions-but you have actually likewise heard a lot of criticism over it and you are a bit lost.

Extensions: What is it?

Extensions are brief or long wicks (at your demand) that the hair stylist contributed to your hair to offer it thicker or extended look.

Who is it for?

For diligent and daring females, who love to try new things!

If your hair is too fragile or too thin vulnerable for using hair extensions, you can constantly speak with your hair stylist, however, will have the latest thing.

How does it work?

The hardest part is still to find the bits that correspond closest to your natural color and your hair type.

Then, to make hair extensions for the most part utilize keratin (a protein naturally present in hair and gives them the strength).

How many types of hair extensions are there?

There are 4 types:

– Extensions to cold likewise called “nuts”: they are considered extremely tough and resistant for curly hair.

The concept

 Small metal rings are fixed to the base of the hair with tweezers and is slid inside the extensions.

Their +: they are really easy to eliminate.

Their -: nuts hardly ever take more than two months. So if you intend to do more than twenty, think thoroughly about your investment.

– Hot-extensions likewise called “bondings”: they use the keratin to repair.

The principle

 With heated forceps keratin is applied to little dots depending upon the thickness of the strands. Then keratin dries and hardens. But rest assured, it remains invisible.

The +: they are repaired a few centimeters away from the hair root and breathable.

Their -: keratin damages hair once it has dried. At the time of removal, we need to think about cross-checking your hair, which can be limiting for some.

– Clip in extensions: they are in the form of “hair bands” (there are numerous strands).

The principle

They are clipped onto your hair utilizing plastic clips.

The +: perfect when strong hair and we do not wish to do much.

Their – They pull on the hair, which can trigger moderate pain at the beginning of the setup.

– Extensions “braiding” most used in curly hair.

The concept

The neck hair is separated into strands that are intertwined to make a base. Then, on this basis, the hair stylist stitch strands of hair.

The +: they protect your natural hair.

Their – They can provide a “wig appearance” to your hair.

Does the length of time consider the setup of extensions?

All of it depends on upon your hair type and the strategy you have actually picked. However, in general, it takes in between 15 minutes and 5 hours (the most).

How long does a hair extension last?

Well, preserved hair extensions can last approximately 5 months. And standard extensions last for 2 months minimum.

Warning: do not forget to go to the hair stylist once a month!

– Wash your hair at least two times a week (you do not particularly have to change shampoo).

– Get a care mask for a minimum of as soon as a week.

– During the night, connect them to prevent tangling (otherwise station to hair disaster!).

– Buy a special hairbrush extensions (preferably in boar bristles), and brush them frequently to avoid knots.

The actions to ban

– The brushing! If they are made of keratin, the hair dryer provide too much heat to the roots of your hair and your extensions might take off. Go for a hair straightener. If you want to use blow dryer, then use Babyliss Pro brand.

– Using a comb: it is the best method to destroy your extensions.

– Removing an extension yourself: only your hairdresser has this privilege.

– Using shampoo: Utilize a moderate shampoo and tilt your head back- beware of the knots!

For the “nuts extensions”: Never masking on them is the very best method to drag the nuts that hold.

The threats

There is an inevitable suffocation of your “regular hair” with added bits. So do not take unnecessary advantage of the extensions (maximum two times a year).

Your hair is typically deteriorated and damaged when you eliminate the extensions. Therefore, a minimum of 2 months cares treatment is needed.

The cost

It generally depends on your basic hair. Plus they are fine, the more pricey. The wick costs about EUR 5, in general.

The technique: always ask your stylist the amount estimated for the installation and elimination (it is simple to forget that one) prior to starting.

Now you have all the turnkeys to obtain an extension.