Information availability of using hair extension

Regarding hair extensions, we are still quite scared of the lack of objective and trustworthy information circulating on the internet. One reason for the existence of this website was specifically to fill this obvious lack of information about extensions.

Do the extensions prevent hair re-growth?

Extensions face a centimeter away from the root. The attachment point is not in contact with the scalp and does not modify in any way the hair bulb. The hair thus continues to grow as before.

Do extensions break hair? Information and misinformation

Never ever forget that the hair extensions are not a luxury because the time it requires to attain them, it also requires same amount of time to remove them. Lot of females has typically damaged hair due to extensions. But the extensions are not included; it’s always because of hair stylists who botch their work. Undoubtedly, remove extensions is not funny spot which bothers a lot of hair stylists. Often some elimination might use up to 3 hours even with two hairdressers! At specialist salons they take the time it takes to remove the extensions.

Do you need to go on a monthly basis to the hairdresser to preserve its extensions in good shape?

Lot of hairdresser imposes a monthly check to inspect and maintain extensions. It’s terrific no matter what!

Do the hair of dead people are utilized to make extensions?

Hair extensions are either natural hair cut from living people or non-natural hair artificial structure.

There are completely invisible extensions that you cannot see and that you never ever feel the touch. The larger it is, the more it happens!

The extension clip, cold does not damage the hair while hot extensions with keratin are really bad for your hair.

In terms of hair extensions, successful extensions take a long time. From this truism when the hair stylist botches his work and the outcome is always the exact same: carnage hair. That makes for over 10 years we ask hot extensions without problems. It would be totally masochistic to utilize for so long an approach that is bad!

Is it hard to discover curly natural hair extensions?

Natural hair extensions come from India (95%). The Indian hair is a hair that is stiff and a little wavy. For curly extensions it is necessary, so that you can have the perm. At last, there is only one brand name that provides curly extensions: Hair dreams.

Hairstylists, who claim to offer curly extensions to curly hair, go to the salon on the day of installation and blow dry your hair and ask for stiff extensions while asserting that when you clean your hair it will be wonderfully finished and totally merge with your hair.

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Details of Hair Extension

Always imagined a gorgeous mane like Shakira? And this summer season, although you want to try extensions-but you have actually likewise heard a lot of criticism over it and you are a bit lost.

Extensions: What is it?

Extensions are brief or long wicks (at your demand) that the hair stylist contributed to your hair to offer it thicker or extended look.

Who is it for?

For diligent and daring females, who love to try new things!

If your hair is too fragile or too thin vulnerable for using hair extensions, you can constantly speak with your hair stylist, however, will have the latest thing.

How does it work?

The hardest part is still to find the bits that correspond closest to your natural color and your hair type.

Then, to make hair extensions for the most part utilize keratin (a protein naturally present in hair and gives them the strength).

How many types of hair extensions are there?

There are 4 types:

– Extensions to cold likewise called “nuts”: they are considered extremely tough and resistant for curly hair.

The concept

 Small metal rings are fixed to the base of the hair with tweezers and is slid inside the extensions.

Their +: they are really easy to eliminate.

Their -: nuts hardly ever take more than two months. So if you intend to do more than twenty, think thoroughly about your investment.

– Hot-extensions likewise called “bondings”: they use the keratin to repair.

The principle

 With heated forceps keratin is applied to little dots depending upon the thickness of the strands. Then keratin dries and hardens. But rest assured, it remains invisible.

The +: they are repaired a few centimeters away from the hair root and breathable.

Their -: keratin damages hair once it has dried. At the time of removal, we need to think about cross-checking your hair, which can be limiting for some.

– Clip in extensions: they are in the form of “hair bands” (there are numerous strands).

The principle

They are clipped onto your hair utilizing plastic clips.

The +: perfect when strong hair and we do not wish to do much.

Their – They pull on the hair, which can trigger moderate pain at the beginning of the setup.

– Extensions “braiding” most used in curly hair.

The concept

The neck hair is separated into strands that are intertwined to make a base. Then, on this basis, the hair stylist stitch strands of hair.

The +: they protect your natural hair.

Their – They can provide a “wig appearance” to your hair.

Does the length of time consider the setup of extensions?

All of it depends on upon your hair type and the strategy you have actually picked. However, in general, it takes in between 15 minutes and 5 hours (the most).

How long does a hair extension last?

Well, preserved hair extensions can last approximately 5 months. And standard extensions last for 2 months minimum.

Warning: do not forget to go to the hair stylist once a month!

– Wash your hair at least two times a week (you do not particularly have to change shampoo).

– Get a care mask for a minimum of as soon as a week.

– During the night, connect them to prevent tangling (otherwise station to hair disaster!).

– Buy a special hairbrush extensions (preferably in boar bristles), and brush them frequently to avoid knots.

The actions to ban

– The brushing! If they are made of keratin, the hair dryer provide too much heat to the roots of your hair and your extensions might take off. Go for a hair straightener. If you want to use blow dryer, then use Babyliss Pro brand.

– Using a comb: it is the best method to destroy your extensions.

– Removing an extension yourself: only your hairdresser has this privilege.

– Using shampoo: Utilize a moderate shampoo and tilt your head back- beware of the knots!

For the “nuts extensions”: Never masking on them is the very best method to drag the nuts that hold.

The threats

There is an inevitable suffocation of your “regular hair” with added bits. So do not take unnecessary advantage of the extensions (maximum two times a year).

Your hair is typically deteriorated and damaged when you eliminate the extensions. Therefore, a minimum of 2 months cares treatment is needed.

The cost

It generally depends on your basic hair. Plus they are fine, the more pricey. The wick costs about EUR 5, in general.

The technique: always ask your stylist the amount estimated for the installation and elimination (it is simple to forget that one) prior to starting.

Now you have all the turnkeys to obtain an extension.

Does hair extension cause loss of hair?

Increasingly women are losing their hair. Stress, iron deficiency-are designated as the primary perpetrators. But hair extension can also trigger alopecia.

Loss of hair: the main perpetrators

In the last few years, the number of youths who lose their hair has increased significantly. A number of factors are thought to have contributed in this situation, such as stress in your home, at school, anxiety, depression. Poor diet and absence of workout can likewise trigger significant hair loss. Some specialists even suggest a hereditary description. Loss of hair is extremely resented by those who suffer, specifically women. The hair is undoubtedly perceived as a beauty requirement. And for some the hair growing is not constantly the case. There is no miracle cure.

Barry Stevens, a British expert in hair pertains to highlight the link in between hair problems and hair extension. The British Journal of Dermatology likewise goes in this direction.

Hair extension: lawsuits and dangers

Hair salons provide hair extension at a very good rate, while a few of these spaces have no credentials in this field. And while the need for hair extension boosts, claims submitted by females whose hair has actually been damaged due to these extensions are increasing.

Hair expert Barry Stevens searched for years and one hundred female scalps were found practicing 3 kinds of extension. Either extensions are glued, stitched or they are secured with a metal ring. The expert discusses that the hair extension offers heaviness to natural hair as if pulling them. Additionally, these extended hairs do not soak up water quickly and tends to confuse. It likewise, cautions that the quality of the hair is added to take into consideration. A poor quality hair included will tend to cause issues during the comb or brush styling. And in the worst cases, these lengthened hairs will pull the natural hair, carrying a piece of the scalp. You do not want that since it hampers the hair.

Who said to be lovely, we had to suffer?

Females who have had a hair extension frequently complain of severe headaches and problem in going to sleep, problems due to the mass of the brand-new hair that is unpleasant. But these evils are the tiniest. Barry Stevens keeps in mind that some of them had considerable hair loss or the appearance of the bald scalp plates on their head or alopecia. And as mentioned the expert, alopecia can often be permanent. Additionally, when the scalp is damaged, consult a skin specialist.

Tip: If you dream of long hair for special days or events, please contact an expert. A specialist knows techniques and products that need to be utilized to implement the extension of the hair. And follow a specialist to keep track of the health of the hair. So if it encourages you to pause, then listen. Listen to your hair and make the right decision.


For parties, go for a look with hair extensions. However not just any, choose the brilliant LED extensions! Many renowned brands are introducing hair extension lights. This is comparatively a new addition to the fashion world and people are getting more and more attracted to buy and use this stuff. We aim and hope that this article will help you to know more about this.

In between color and length, there are lots of kinds of hair extensions. Try these intense additions as you wish to put your hair at the party.

How to use the bright extensions?

These brand-new generation extensions feature multicolored LED and simply await your hair with barrettes that are easy to conceal.

The lights flash and the twinkle in your hair with small button cells (identical to those utilized for watches) look amazing and you can be easily differentiated from the crowd. So you can make flicker and flash your extensions at your leisure throughout your evening with a simple on/ off button.

The best ways to integrate bright extensions to your hair

Depending on the length of your hair, you can select the luminous extensions to mix with your natural hair. These additions can likewise sublimate your buns, braids and other hairstyles for the evening parties.

If your hair is highlighted and there are different shades in your hair, it is better if you go for LED extension that goes with your color, especially in context to color.

The intense extensions: the evening accessory pattern

Long hair, short hair, and curly hair, smooth or wavy hair, light up your hair and sublimate your night outfit with this initial device.

Hair glitter and festive effect is ensured by using these LED extensions. Stand out from the crowd. Be the style statement!


How does it work? Just how much hair extensions do you need? Is there any damage in the hair extensions? What is the length of time can we keep the extensions? Exactly what is the distinction between extensions and natural hair extensions? You will understand all about the hair extensions and additions of hair in this blog!

Before the plunge, put in the time to find out: there are numerous types of hair extensions, and not all are clearly worth it.

Hair extensions, exactly what is it?

As their name recommends, these are strands of hair that have simply contribute to our own hair to give their length and/ or volume.

There are lots of types of hair extensions: the synthetic strand of hair, economical but a little natural result, the extension of natural hair that offers an ideal result without the danger of damaging your hair.

Hair extensions: for whom?

It is frequently believed that the hair extensions are utilized only to females who wish to make the length.

This is true; however, it is not the only use of extensions: they can likewise be useful to bring the volume to fine hair and thinning.

Hair soft, thin, brief: everybody can be put hair extensions!

Hair extensions, how does it work?

Initially, the hair stylist carries out a precise diagnosis of our hair: density and quality of hair, volume, color, condition. This diagnosis enables him to precisely define the extensions that we will use, either in terms of nature or coloring of the hair used for extensions.

Then, based on the extensions you have actually selected, it takes 5 minutes to 5 hours for setup.

Laying hair extensions

There are three various techniques to ask hair extensions:

– Cold hair extensions: extensions are attached to the hair strands or through veggie sticks (called keratin synthesis) undetectable, or with metal rings connected to the base of the hair with a clip.

– Another method is hot extensions. This is to apply the keratin and curling through heating tongs.

– Clip in extensions, finally, are the most convenient to set up and remove. It is also realistically less sustainable.

Normally remember that vegetable-based adhesive for cold extensions repairing strategy is safer and kinder to your hair. Undoubtedly, braiding, gluing, weaving damage the hair, which in the worst case can break.

The hair extensions are not safe for the hair, it is a truth.

To be sure of the outcome and harm of your hair, select natural hair, and an attachment-based keratin synthesis (vegetable sticks) cold. These are the strategies proposed in particular by experts.

While the cost is higher, however, the danger is essentially absolutely no, unlike other methods that actually put your hair in danger.

Is the installation and elimination of extensions painful?

Obviously not!

The first couple of days after setup, you might experience a little gene at most due to the weight of the extension bit.

The opening night is often a little challenging: the head on the pillow, it seems to have forgotten a couple of clips in our hair. Nothing more, nothing less.

As for the deposits, the barber takes a bit of each to eliminate, without it hurting so far.

How long hold hair extensions?

Extensions can take a few days to five months, depending on how quick your hair grows: the longer you wait, the more attachment points might be.

The quality of extensions you have picked and the care that you take for their upkeep are also crucial: every day, you need to carefully brush your hair, every morning and evening.

Furthermore, and if you have weak hair, we would highly suggest you keep two to three months optimum, at the danger of compromising your hair a lot more.

Exactly when to remove hair extensions?

It is vital to go to a hair stylist for hair extensions when you choose to eliminate your extensions. The strategy to eliminate the extensions depends on upon the kind of extensions you have actually picked.

Extensions “basic” are artificial. They are produced in the factory, mainly from plastic and oil.

Natural hair extensions, nevertheless, are natural. They come solely from India. Indians, undoubtedly, have a similar hair to that of Western females, in contrast to Asian ladies, for example, which have much thicker hair than ours.

What about the upkeep of hair extensions?

Hair shampoo, conditioner, treatment: you can utilize with no concerns the products you use every day. Undoubtedly, when the extensions are properly secured, they do stagnate, even if you use products containing silicones or parabens.

To lengthen your hair extensions as long as possible, brush your hair every early morning and night: this will avoid the formation of knots around the accessory points.

You can likewise use care after shampoo applied on the lengths to optimize the hair shine.

Can you color the extensions?

All again depends on the kind of extensions you choose: it can be colored.

Contact the hair stylist, who did your extensions, he will have the ability to tell you more.

How much does the hair extension cost?

It depends on upon the variety of bits you do ask. Count one hundred Euros per pack of 25 bits minimum natural hair, fitting and removal included.

In all cases, your stylist should have the ability to offer you a complimentary quote prior to you ask extensions!

Where to put hair extensions?

Several brands share the market. The best known and safest, Great Lengths, is present in 53 countries. You can inspect all addresses on the site of the brand name.

For synthetic hair, numerous salons offer this service. Talk to your hair stylist!